Why invest in the North?

Yield As property prices are so cheap compared to the South, many investors are looking to the North East for great returns, but why? Even though the property prices are much lower, the rents are not in comparison, meaning yields are much higher and more common. Think of yield as one of the barometers in […]

How to deal with Estate Agents?

As we all know dealing with Estate Agents can be a minefield. They all have their “hot buyers” all have their “preferred investors” so how can I become preferred and get to the top of the pile? I own a string of estate agents in the North East of England and we are in the […]

The Benefits Of Buying A Discounted New Build Investment Property

When speaking to investors if they would be interested in purchasing below market value new builds many answer no. When I ask why, they respond ‘I won’t be able to profit as much as I could on a second hand property which requires work’ So, let’s look at new builds investments in more depth. At […]

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: House Price Crash Warning but North East and Yorkshire are Unaffected

The Telegraph report that “asset prices around the world are collapsing as the global economy slows and UK housing will not escape”. What does this mean to Investors who are looking at properties in the North East and Yorkshire and wondering what will happen to house prices there… the answer is, in general, very little. […]