• Buy-to-let Property Investment

    We provide the very best in investment properties in the North of England.

  • Experienced Investors

    Our staff have an abundance of experience and knowledge about property in the North.

  • Your own Portfolio Manager

    A personal Portfolio Manager will help advise you on the right investments to make based on your goals.

  • Discounted Properties

    We source properties that are generally off-market with a discount below genuine market value.

The Process

We are very systems focused at Castledene – and have streamlined the buying process to enable our purchasers – both large and small, to set specific buying criteria, purchase the property and subsequent rent the property in order to start receiving returns on their investment in the desired time frames.

Step 1

Develop your investment strategy (Portfolio Goals)

Step 2

We assist with your provision of Funding & Legal Solutions

Step 3

We deal with surveyors & lenders all the way through to completion

Step 4

Management of your property from initial letting through to maintenance

Step 5

Ongoing review of your portfolio performance